Many companies are ready for rapid growth, but don’t have the strategic plan in place to get there. They have either stalled from attempting too much at one time or have an uncertainty of what to try next.

Traction is hard to come by. Momentum is a distant second. But a story can change that. A strategic plan and a brand identity of who you are and why you do what you do, inspires. This can connect you to more customers who will connect you to even more customers.

Quit going it alone. Your competitors aren’t. Invest in your company’s future. Tell a story your company will believe in and your customers cannot resist sharing.

Brand Marketing Strategy: Discovery & Brand Marketing Roadmap $25,000

A structured approach to analyzing your business objectives to discover how a brand foundation can solve your marketing and sales problems. During the full day session we’ll review your current brand position and marketing assets, sales process and your ideal customer profile.

Connect the dots session on steroids. Brain dump your problems in our discovery framework to build a solid strategy and turn your company into a solution.

Brand Engagement Sales & Conversion System

Without a sales & conversion system for your company, you run the risk of wasting money and your precious time while sabotaging your brand’s chance for success. Our marketing systems are developed with proven models that have consistently delivered success stories across the U.S. Tie ROI to your marketing and connect customer interactions with your sales.

Brand Foundation & Identity Package $23,800

Brand Foundation

Core Values $4,900

Chisel out the indistinguishable virtues of your company and create a clear list of what defines your brand. Our process for defining your core values follows a proven method and best practice techniques used by the best branding experts in the world.

Why Statement $3,800

Your brand must inspire to create advocates that will follow and share your purpose. Without a defined purpose, your company will struggle to build advocacy among your customers. A Why Statement, when uncovered and written the correct way, becomes an inspirational laserbeam for your brand’s focus. 

Unique Value Proposition $3,800

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill value proposition. Our process involves defining the true value that you serve your customers and stakeholders, including an internal and external perspective. 

Brand Style Guide $6,500

Trying to control your brand’s appearance without a style guide is like trying to sail across the ocean without a map in a canoe. Our style guide includes defining the usage for your logo, design elements, content, and brand voice across the media spectrum. No longer will you worry if they used the correct logo on your banner, landing page or print piece.

Brand Story (or manifesto) $4,800

Your brand has a story. Your customers want to hear it. We’ll work with you to write your past and present into a blockbuster so your company can look forward to a prosperous future.


Brand Story Package $12,000

Manifesto – What does the future hold for your company? What if you had an inspiration tool that could inspire outcomes and have employees aspiring to do more? Our manifestos clearly write out what you stand for and what you aim to achieve. If your company is looking for motivation, your brand is screaming for a manifesto.

WOM Statement – What does a referral to your company sound like? What do they say about you? We take a different approach and craft out the message your referrers would say, so they actually say it the way you want them to. Get more reviews, testimonials and referrals with a WOM Statement.

Story: Your brand has a story. Your customers want to hear it. We’ll work with you to write your past and present into a blockbuster so your company can look forward to a prosperous future.


Brand Experience Map $7,800

Brand Experience Map – Having a complete understanding of your customer’s experience provides an invaluable tool for making micro-changes that have a dramatic impact. Our team deconstructs your sales process to create a visual guide of where and how your customers interact with your brand.

Storyboard – Take your brand experience map a step further and layout the storyboard for each stage of your customer’s experience.