Get Familiar with Twitter Analytics

Recently, Twitter unveiled their very own analytics dashboard, and it’s packed full of amazing features. Most of these can help you find your most popular tweet and other behavior indicators for building a strong following and user interaction experience. Below is a quick explanation of the main features. To get started, login to your twitter account and check out

Checking Impressions: This metric is one of the newest additions in which users can check impressions and engagement per tweet or for tweets in a given time period. This feature works quite well and you can see this in action on the first page of the dashboard. You will also notice that you get an overall view of engagement rate, clicks on links, favorites, retweets, and replies.

Engagements: Engagement data is great for comparing which tweets work best, what time of day you’re receiving the best interaction, and finding out who your target audience is.

Followers: When you want to view your followers, you can access all stats by finding the “Followers” button on the top of the screen. What’s great about this option is its filled with some wonderful stats about your target audience:

  • City location
  • Audience gender
  • Check Audience interests
  • Who your Audience follows

The benefit of checking stats on your followers is its a great way to find out what times they are engaging with your tweets, and where your target demographic is located.

Twitter Card: Twitter cards are great for attaching high-res photos and videos to gain more followers. Setting up a Twitter card is not that hard. Simply place a few lines of HTML code to your webpage and anyone who tweets links to their content will have a “Card” added to the tweet that becomes visible to all followers. Adding Twitter cards is a for sure way to get your posts retweeted and increased engagement.

I encourage anyone who uses Twitter to give Analytics a try. You may be surprised how easy it is to find influential users and build long lasting relationships with other like minded people.

  • Published on:

    December 17, 2014

  • Posted by: Derek Corneau
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    Social Media